What you can expect of me

My goal as a therapist is to help you create more harmonious and satisfying relationships and to communicate more effectively within them. Working with me, you will learn skills that promote a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner and those around you, and help increase feelings of closeness and connection. You will learn to navigate difficult conversations skillfully and to manage the often unruly emotions that accompany them. I help you in defining a vision for your life or relationship and in translating that vision into action.

As a therapist, I am active, empathic, and compassionate and listen with a non-judgmental ear. Yet, I am unafraid to throw the penalty flag when you get stuck in ineffective behaviors, attitudes, or choices.

I view therapy as a form of "adult education" with me as your relationship coach. I guide and encourage you as you replace ineffective behaviors and patterns with more effective ones, and as you discover the changes and choices that will help you feel better and live more fully.

What I will expect from you
  • Show up on time for scheduled appointments, or cancel with a minimum of 24 hours notice.
  • Keep your goals in mind during each session (e.g. how you aspire to be and what type of relationship you want to create). Your goals support your vision for yourself, your life, and your relationship.
  • Be willing to be self-confrontive and self-reflective to identify internal blocks to your goals.
  • Actively work to change old patterns and to respond more effectively under stress (rather than just repeating ineffective coping strategies).
  • Focus and reflect on how you can show up differently in your relationship instead of pointing the finger at your partner.
  • Acknowledge your own and your partner's successes, and be generous with positive feedback!
  • Do any assigned "homework."